Stad van Glas

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_From the personal notes of Gnis Gneisenhorn.

Well, it seems that I have found my unplanned compatriots. As I was wandering through “Glass”, I noticed that one of the cities eldar was looking for mercenaries. Of course, selling yourself for money is seldom on top of my priorities list, but neither am I averse to adventure or its rewards. The first reward was meeting to interesting persons. One of them was a hooded person which displayed features of both elven and human, if I am not mistaken. The second person was tallish, with a fierce-looking red face and black cloaks. The nature of this second journeyman is not yet clear to me, but fills me both by … well, I am not sure of my feelings toward him.

The elder required us to either verify the death of “Silver” a nobleman’s daughter, or to bring her back. Bringing her back alive and mostly coherent was the elders preference and the rewards reflected this of course. Something in the range of fivehunderd Auracs and two thousand, if memory serves.

As I compose these sentences, our seagoing vessel nears it’s goal and I need to sign of.

Welcome to your Adventure Log!

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