Gnis Gneisenhorn (Thallarnson Van de Gneissheuvel)

Gnis is a


Gnis is a Gnome. Normally, this needn’t be told, but Gnis deviates on three points fromn what we have learned to recognize as Gnomish. His nose, whilst beeing remarkebly long and pronounced for a human, falls far short of the Gnomish norm. Literally, so. Also, his nose is definately thinner than that of most Gnomes. Nor does it stop there, he is slightly bigger than most Gnomes can hoope to be and his ears are both smaller and rounder than the norm. His face therefore simultaneously remind most human observers of a cuddly toy, a human and a gnome.


Gnis Gneisenhorn (Thallarnson Van de Gneissheuvel)

Stad van Glas Aunknorrie